Svetlana B. Skoblikova
We named our correctional family "Liberty", that is, freedom. Getting rid of stuttering, the child finds
freedom. Freedom of speech and not only. Our house is located in a picturesque resort place of Moscow
suburbs - Yaropolets.

The chief specialist and the founder of "Libertry" is Svetlana Skoblikova - the author of:

· The conceptual direction in correctional pedagogics "Correctional family";
· The method of "Medical phonetic rhythmical speech reconstruction";
· "Technique of training the stammering ones to read without stuttering";
· Speech breathing gymnastics "Audiostart";
· "The qualifier of the expressiveness of stuttering by Svetlana Skoblikova";
· Book "Stuttering: face to face";
· Book "Technique of training the stammering ones to read without stuttering";
· Book "Stuttering in questions and answers" (the Directory for parents);
· Book "Treatment of stuttering in a correctional family".

        Dr. Svetlana Skoblikova is a defectologist of the highest category, logo-neurologist, has finished
MPSU of Lenin with distinction. From 1988 to 1992 she worked in a scientific research institute of the
General and pedagogical psychology of NPA of the USSR under the direction of the famous expert in
correction of stuttering for adults Yulia Nekrasova. Since 1990, besides cooperation with Volokolamsk and
Lotoshino CRH of Moscow Region, Skoblikova has created and now successfully develops the concept of
a correctional family and the method of MPRSR for the correction of speech in stammering children and
teenagers. At the moment, therapeutic course of Liberty is a difficult correctional multi-component

The chief specialist of "Liberty" personally inspects children of any age. Frequently, only consultation is
enough for the family of the stammering one to begin developing such therapeutic environment necessary
for it! More than 1000 three-hour consultations were carried out by Svetlana Skoblikova till now.

Dr. Svetlana B. is being helped with the work by her family: husband Alexey and son Dmitry. Existing in
medical process and possessing special knowledge, they essentially help to do common cause of the
elimination of stuttering.

Alexey A. passed the treatment of stuttering in 1988 at Doctor Yulia Nekrasova in a group, about which
the documentary film "Of course, I will return..." was filmed. Having overcame the illness, he understands
better the soul of the stammering child now. It seriously helps to adjust the medical process for
achievement of the effective result.

Dmitry A., the younger expert,  B. A.

Sometimes we are helped by teenagers, who were treated by us earlier. They are absolutely special,
unique assistants. Thus, Lev N. participated in the process for two years in the row.

Conceptual family principle "Liberty" allows to render for children not only the effective special help, but
also not "on-state" care for them. Our pedagogical creativity is created by the sample of logic of
therapeutic micro-social environment of stammering ones, which parents should understand, accept and
realize to make the child healthy.

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