Prior to the beginning of treatment it is necessary for you to pass the consultation including full logopedic
and psycho-pedagogical inspection. Also, inspections are necessary for us - for the development of
forthcoming work strategy, and for you - for the greater understanding of the situation with your child. Thus,
our cooperation begins. Precisely on consultation it is possible to make nearly exact forecast of
forthcoming treatment, and also plan some elementary steps for independent strengthening of psycho-
speech health of the child for you. Pay a special attention - we examine and advise children from 2 years
old. Early treatment is the shortest way to overcome the disease, and so the sooner, the better. As a rule,
children, who passed consultation at a very early age, do not need a further correction.
By the results of inspection, considering our wide experience in work with children, we can identify factors
impeding the normal development of speech function and offer you the most appropriate and timely
treatment. Expanded report and recommendations are provided to parents in official paper. If you make a
decision to pass a correction course in "Liberty", we conclude a preliminary contract on reservation of the
concrete program just for you with instructions of exact dates of its beginning and termination. Parents
should understand that the correctional family is a unique and multi-direction in defectology, which helps
to solve difficult problems in short terms. Correction of stuttering in working with us is a very individual
process, but we cannot accept all the children who are in the need at once, because opportunities are

The general agreement on cooperation of correction of stuttering is concluded prior to starting of the

For children of any age the duration of consultation is up to 3 hours, of which 35 minutes is the
examination of a child. Prior to consultation parents should necessarily read our books: "Stuttering: face
to face" and "Stuttering in questions and answers". We consider impossible for ourselves to work with
people who was not able to do it in interests of their own child. Books describe our view of stuttering as a
systemic disease, treatment and prevention model of education of stuttering child is outlined, and describe
a treatment method that we have developed and applied. Appealing for help, parents should clearly
understand how rehabilitation will take place, as well as the volume and quality of their own involvement in
it. For this purpose everything is made ​​possible. We constantly say and continue to say about every step
on the road to recovery, considering consumer and other irresponsible attitude to the treatment of a child
as unacceptable.

About dangerous mistakes that professionals do while working with children who stutter, you can read our
blog, for example: "Caution - home isolationism", "Treatment of stuttering or shamanism with a
tambourine", "Advice of an enemy - to talk with the child about stuttering", "Take the cat away!"

Also may be interesting: "Forum about stuttering".

Since 2007 we carry out Skype consultations in the form of ON-LINE videoconferences through Internet.
This unique work allows to expand diagnostic possibilities of inspection and make it accessible for
everyone, irrespective of the place of residence. In our opinion, the diagnosis in the real environment is
much more reliable due to real conditions of toddler existence, it avoids fatigue from transport, and gives
parents the opportunity to save significant money on trips to specialists.

You can register for consultation in any convenient way, specified in contact information. We don't accept
and we don't advise parents without children, without making an appointment; we do not correspond with
anonymous persons; we do not polemize with non-specialists; we immediately refuse in a dialogue to
people who have shown disrespect to our work. We work with correction of complicated cases of
children’s stuttering, thus we ask to concern it with understanding.

Correctional family as a direction, the Method of therapeutic phonetic reconstruction of speech and our
educational publishing exist and develop entirely by donations. And if you want to help, you can make a
donation from 5.5 thousand  rubles. Make a donation.

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