Dear benefactors!

The direction of "Correctional family" defectology develops entirely on charitable donations that help us to
keep the free information on the Internet, keep publishing and educational activities, as well as collaborate
with parents to treat stuttering in children.

To carry out a charitable donation directly from your card without registration, click on the left and use
the services of PayPal - is the easiest way.

To carry out a charitable donation, you need to transfer the money either on the card number 5345 2602
7935 6706 or to a account of Alexey Skoblikov  number 30232 810 7 0000 2000004 (for Alexey Skoblikov,
card number 5345 2602 7935 6706, donation).

Location and details of the bank: The Bank of Moscow, Moscow
Correspondent account: 30101810500000000219 in OPERA Moscow. BIC: 044525219. INN: 7702000406.
KPP 997950001.

Minimum donation is 6000 rubles or 125 Euro.

WARNING! In the purpose of payment it is necessary to specify "Donation". Payments without proper
guidance will not be accepted. (If the transfer was carried out at a terminal, then you must write your name,
surname, signature and the word “donation” on receipt by hand). Once you made a payment, you must
notify us by e-mail and send a scan of the receipt of the transfer.

We express our appreciation and gratitude for your charity!
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