Method and books
To be familiar with the method, it is necessary for you to read the book of Svetlana Skoblikova
"STUTTERING: FACE TO FACE" ISBN 978-5-411-00063-4 (М, RusNerud, 209 p., 2010). You can buy or
read  it free of charge on our site. The book contains a complete description of the method of «Medical
phonetic rhythmical speech reconstruction", developed and applied by the author for treatment of stuttering
in the conditions of a correctional family. History of creation of the method and the concept of correctional
family, as well as questions of features of stammering children’s education and their social adaptation are
considered and described in the monograph. Numerous examples from Svetalna Skoblikova’s 20 summer
practices are resulted and analyzed in the book. The book is addressed to a wide range of readers:
parents of stammering children, students, young experts, doctors, speech therapists, psychologists and
everyone, who is interested in problematics of speech correction at stuttering. CItation from the author:

”Stuttering is a heavy illness which affects not only communicative, but also many other spheres of man’s
activity. This disease causes the strongest emotional consequences. By different data, there are up to 64
million people in the world who stutter. Many experts of different countries try to facilitate the sufferings of
patients, finding more and more new ways of treatment. There are known logopedic, psychological,
sociorehabilitation, psychotherapeutic, medicamentous, hardware and other techniques, each of which, to
some extent, achieves result. However, a panacea from stuttering is not found. Despite the high-scale
researches, the genetic reason of origins of the disease is not found till now. Thereof treatment of
stuttering was, is and remains symptomatic, and its quality depends on the logic and efficiency of the
method used, the personality of the patient and the expert, micro- and macro-social environments. The
search for the universal, simple in use and safe way of help to patients has driven the author of this book
to the creation of not only the method of speech correction, but also a new, never earlier existed direction
in work with children and teenagers who stutter - the concept of stutteringtreatment - method of Medical
phonetic rhythmical speech reconstruction in a correctional family.

Method of “Medical phonetic rhythmical speech reconstruction”, which was used within the framework of
the program “Sanatorium “LIBERTY” since 1990, is described in the book. In the creation of the method I
was assisted by my husband Skoblikov Alexey and my son Skoblikov Dmitry, therefore you will see both
our personal and general opinion on stated theme. The book contains the description of the method and its
application, statistics of efficiency and numerous examples, which characterize all the complexity of
stuttering as object of treatment.  

Dear reader! We have been working with children and teenagers who lived in our family. The majority of
them were repeatedly treated earlier; to some it was refused in the specialized help because of extremely
heavy speech condition. For a while, these guys became our own with all their problems, merits and
demerits. Thus, we lived side by side with children who stutter more than 10 years in total. This unique
experience has laid in a basis of the present book."

       Fast transition to the selected headings:

·         "Method of Medical phonetic rhythmical speech reconstruction"
·         "Disorganization of life activity at stuttering"
·         "Upbringing"

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Stuttering in questions and answers
Stuttering: face to face
Svetlana Skoblikova's book "STUTTERING IN QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS" ISBN 978-5-9902251-1-4
(Мt., S. B. Skoblikova, Gutenberg Press Ltd., 276 p., 2011) From the author, citation:

       "Offered book is a continuation of our product «Stuttering: face to face», where the practice review on
treatment of stuttering in the correctional family of Svetlana Skoblikova has been carried out, and concept
and work methods were described. For the most correct understanding of the present work it is insistently
necessary for you to read the above-stated monograph. Since 1990, there were more than 800
consultations carried out, and more than 150 children were cured by us. Inspections take away a lot of
time from correctional process, but frequent questions which are put by parents, have general and, from
time to time, repeating character. It is impossible to replace intramural contact to the patient;
nevertheless, by writing of this book we aspire to facilitate the life of parents of stammering ones and to
unload ourselves a little. From this point on, consultations will be carried out only to those fathers and
mothers who have read «Stuttering: face to face" and "Stuttering in questions and answers». Such parents
will be properly prepared for a dialogue with the specialist and completely informed of methods and ways
of illness treatment. 100 themes are analyzed in details. They are divided into sections: «Preventive
maintenance and stuttering treatment", "Preschool and school training of the stammering child",
"Upbringing of the stammering child and family mutual relations». Answering the generalized questions,
we aspire not only to give concrete advice about each case, but mainly to develop a reasonable approach
to stuttering for parents, sort of a certain medical outlook. We hope that right sight at the illness,
generated on our experience, will help families to successfully overcome the uneasy problem, with which
their life has pushed them off."

You can buy or read the book on the site and it can be used as ON-LINE directory about stuttering.
Selected questions:

· To what extent later breast feeding allows avoiding stuttering and other speech problems?
· What are family roles and how do they affect education of the child-neurotic?
· Our family is international. We speak different languages to the child. He began to stammer.
Whether bilingualism was the reason for it?
· We were treated everywhere. Any expert doesn't want to understand me as mother. It is
necessary to argue with doctors and speech therapists a lot. Why anybody can’t help us?
· Are there any features of preschool training of the stammering ones?
· Son of five and a half years old is much adhered to me. Speech is worse without me. Whether it is
necessary to give up work and sit with him at home? Or employ a nanny?
· My son is 4 years old. He constantly paddle his hands, rumples his clothes. It seems to me, he
has no place where to put his hands. Whether it is possible to calm him down?
· My daughter is 16; she has stuttering since the childhood. Now she constantly asks for expensive
gifts, clothes and cosmetics from super brands. I can’t refuse her as father, but money isn't
always present. How to cope with that and not offend the daughter?
· Sometimes I can't agree with the child at all, but more often it is possible for me. On what it
· How to choose a method of treatment?

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S.B.Skoblikova: Gutenberg Press Ltd., 2014 . - 130 pages. A successive third part of the trilogy. It
describes the formation of the correctional family as a scientific direction of correctional pedagogy and new
organizational forms of work with children who stutter and their parents. The book tells the story of
defectology briefly and the place of correctional family, as a new and separate its branche - correctional
pedagogy de-intrus.

Quote: "The great K.D. Ushinsky pointed out that it is insufficient to base only on personal, even
successful, experience of educational work . "Empty, not based on anything theory is the same rubbishy
thing as a fact or experience which can not be derived from any thought that is not preceded and not
followed by an idea. Theory can not abandon reality, the fact can not give up the idea," - wrote Ushinsky
(1). The first experience of treatment of stuttering in our family, described in the book "Stuttering: face to
face", gave a powerful impetus to the development of parallel and mutually enriching theory and practice of
a concept of correctional family, as well as the "Method of medical phonetic rhythmic speech
reconstruction" (2). With each new pupil, entering for treatment, step by step ideology of correctional
family was formed, developed techniques that were used, the new improved model hitherto not existed
remedial work. In the present work we will try to tell you about the origins of the concept formation, factors
affecting the modern look of the correctional family as a new direction in working with children who stutter.
We wanted to help the seeker, the interested reader to get acquainted with our innovations with
humanistic and person-oriented point of view, so we talk about the difficulties of life in the treatment
process, successes and failures, development prospects, point to numerous requirements for its
members. Parents of children who stutter will find in this book highlighting of the invisible, a large and
important part of our work, which usually seems to be quite anything - just a book published online for free,
talking on the phone or funny pictures. Experts, examining our experience, may reject, accept or criticize
the way of a professional, to which we have devoted our life. Selfless, heavy, emotional and not always
rewarding, but kind, creative and free way of specialized help to suffering children in correctional family."

The work is intended primarily for professionals, but it can be also useful for those who stutter, parents of
children who want to understand in-depth of a special campaign to treatment of stuttering as a systemic
disease of psychic. Especially those who are not afraid to know the truth about what experts are usually
silent of.

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Методика обучения заикающихся чтению без заикания
How many wonderful discoveries
the spirit of education is preparing for us!
Experience is like the son of difficult mistakes,
and genius is a friend of paradoxes.

                                            A. S. Pushkin
Svetlana Skoblikova’s methodical grant "THE TECHNIQUE OF TRAINING STAMMERING ONES TO
READ WITHOUT STUTTERING" ISBN 978-5-9902251-2-1 (М, S. B. Skoblikova, 64 p., 2010) contains a
practical description of seven levels of learning for stammering child to read free. Described technology is
absolutely unique and wasn't published anywhere before. Having mastered the simple skill, the
stammering child up to 7 years old with persistence of parents or teacher can completely overcome
stuttering. Citation: Introduction:

"Stuttering, being a heavy psycho-speech illness, touches many spheres of person’s life activity, finally
disadapt one in the social environment. The most serious stuttering is since childhood, because it
destroys communicative process and, consequently, its treatment in time is the major component of high-
grade maturing and of correct, versatile formation of person.

All methods of help at stuttering existing today are incapable to solve the problem of mass effective
application, as well as incapable to prevent the occurrence of stuttering in children with hereditary
predisposition. The technique of training of stammering ones to read without stuttering allows to solve both
of these problems without any "titanic" efforts from the learning child, teenager or adult, parents and
experts - it is enough to seize new skills of reading only! Having mastered the simple techniques of
reading without stuttering, kid will be more assured of his own forces at school studying, and the general
stability of his speech condition will essentially rise. Cases of full and definitive normalization of speech
after mastering the technique of reading without stuttering are known in our work with stammering children

Also, the technique of training to read without stuttering can be useful for stammering adults who, by the
fates decree couldn't treat the defect at children's age, but need successful speech during performance at
conferences, summits, oral examinations and everywhere, where reading aloud is necessary.

Learn to read in a new fashion!"

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