Our land
We are located in a historical-architectural reserve Yaropolets in Volokolamsk area of Moscow region.
With the village Yaropolets, which situated 135 km from Moscow, destinies of many celebrities are closely
connected. The disgraced Ukrainian hetman P. D. Doroshenko, who owned a magnificent homestead in
the style of classicism, has ended his days here. This homestead was passed from the hetman by the
right of succession to Goncharovs' family. A. S. Pushkin himself visited Yaropolets twice, asking Natalia
Nikolaevna Goncharova for marriage. Possibly, he found a common language with the future mother-in-law.
Nowadays, the palace is perfectly restored by the forces of the Moscow Aviation Institute.

Here, in Yaropolets, the homestead of an ancient count family Chernyshevy is located, earlier named
"Versailles near Moscow" for the magnificence of architectural ensemble. Now, the palace and outdoor
constructions are almost destroyed and stand in desolation. The rare park of "ugly lindens", brought in the
European register of rare parks, has degenerated. The film "On count ruins" was also filmed here.             

In Yaropolets there are also monuments connected with contemporary history of Russia. In the days of
October Revolution, local peasants have adjusted the work of one of the first power stations. Now, there is
a very interesting memorial on its place. Even the shaft of the old turbine is established on a pedestal. And
nearby, on the river Lama, a surprisingly beautiful dam with a bowl (a horseshoe) is built. Such small
Niagara Falls.

Not far from Yaropolets, in village Hanevo, there is a homestead of mathematician Euler. Nowadays there
is a female monastery. It is thought that Euler is not against it. And in 10 km from us the Iosifo-
Volokolamsk (Volotsky) monastery is located. It is operating. It is said that ominous Maljuta Skuratov is
buried there, but probably, those are all hearings and they don't spoil mass of monks at all. Close to
Volokolamsk, in Dubosekovo, a memorial to the heroes of Panfilovo - a unique sculptural group of spirit's
giants is located.

Our whole district is crossed up and down by the river Lama. Infinite turns and bends give to local places a 
resort originality. Our "Liberty" stands in a mouth of river Kolpyana, where it runs into the Lama, forming a
picturesque corner of nature.
At our place, the nature itself creates a necessary level of peace of mind for effective treatment of
stuttering. Take a look at our photo gallery, you will be convinced of it.
A journey to us is carried out by a Moscow - Riga highway (М9). Travel time is 1 hour 50 minutes by car
from Moscow Ring Road. After registration for consultation you will receive a detailed plan of journey by

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"In the 'Atlas of the Russian Empire' of the late 18th century about
Chernysheva manor it can be read: 'It can be compared to the best
pleasure houses in Europe with its beauty and splendor', and according
to the 'St. Petersburg Vedomosti' newspaper, Empress Catherine II
spoke to the effect that if Yaropolets was closer to Moscow, she would
have chosen it as a country residence."

"I found an old library in the house, and Natalia Ivanovna allowed to
select the desired books. I picked the three dozen of them, which will
come to us and with jam and fruit liqueurs. Thus, my foray on
Yaropolets was not in vain." (A. S. Pushkin)
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