Treatment of stuttering
At the moment, there are three applied research programs of speech correction in the correctional family:
"Sanatorium Liberty", "Mother and Child" and "Stuttering Plus."  Each is a complicated therapeutic
complex, targeted at: the correction of speech and reading, the development of breathing, communication,
and memory; stabilization of an emotional background; setting of self-control and behavior stabilization;
strengthening of social inclusion. In addition, we use a specific technology of early correction of stuttering
at home, designed for use with young children and parents who stutter. All activities are based on the
active cooperation of the correctional family with family of the stuttering one.

The therapeutic complex of stuttering correction without dependence on the program includes:

· restoration of speech function by the method of "Medical phonetic rhythmical speech
· restoration of breath with the use of paradoxical respiratory gymnastics by A. N. Strelnikova;
· synchronization of diaphragmatic breath with speech reconstruction with the help of speech-
breathing gymnastics "Audiostart";
· stabilization of emotional background through relaxational autogenic training;
· restoration of communicative process through functional trainings (dialogical, game and
· speech work (mastering of correct speech, work on texts, reading, retelling, and so forth) with the
use of restart-factor effect;
· logopedic work on phonation correction of difficult sounds through images;
· training of speech rhythm through logopedic rhythmics with the use of MPRSR;
· exercises for the development of speech and small motility;
· permanent control over automation of new reconstructive speech stereotype with individual
· normalization of behavior and ability to live through sanogenic educational process.

Our method does not mean repeated or additional courses. The therapeutic effect reached at treatment is
reliably supported independently and does not need corrective amendments of the expert.

Under this program your child arrives on treatment after consultation in the correctional family without
parents for 28 days. So, he lives in a family of experts possessing special knowledge. Thus, medical
process is provided almost all the time of wakefulness of the child. For everyone it is not a secret that a
current of such difficult psycho-speech illnesses as stuttering is accompanied by specific behavior of the
stammering child. Usually, parents are not in a condition to correctly estimate a situation and are
frequently incapable to adjust interaction necessary for child’s treatment. Besides, stuttering which has
occurred in your family’s micro-social environment, is firmly connected to a stereotype of behavior and the
habits which have arisen on the background of stammering. Therefore, temporary replacement of this
environment also on family, but specially prepared for correction, is the basic factor of treatment’s
success. The given program provides an individual approach especially to your child and it is permanently
arranged for your kid. The program "Sanatorium Liberty" was developed in 1996. It was constantly modified
until recent, and today we can say with pride that the program has no equals by its efficiency. Application
of logo psychotherapeutic method of phonetic speech reconstruction and persistent work of experts and
child allow making miracles. Child, who is being treated, lives on a full board with food six times a day in
the private luxe-class house in the separate room with the area of 18 sq. m. equipped with everything
necessary for treatment and games. The scope only of "auditioned" individual (100 %) work with the child
makes 130 hours without time for passive control and automation of speech skills. This work is conducted
round the clock. Reason for the beginning of the program is a partnership agreement in order for stuttering
Sanatorium Llberty
"The program "Mother and Child" means correction of stuttering with participation and residing of mother of
the stammering one. From the very beginning of treatment, interaction and cooperation of three parties
become more active: parent, child and expert. Parents pass high-grade foundation on all aspects of
stuttering and its treatment. A part of correctional work and therapeutic educational process lies down on
mothers after mastering the elements of "Medical phonetic rhythmical speech reconstruction" method by
them. This work is conducted in the form of lectures (seminars). The efficiency of correctional process is
reached both by a highly effective method and the above-stated cooperation. Child, who is being treated,
lives with a member of the family in a small, completely independent guest pavilion equipped with
bathroom and shower cabin, refrigerator and cooking plate. Under the given program, a relative cooks food
on her own, taking into account day regime necessary for correction and preferences of your child. Shops,
where everything necessary is sold, are located absolutely nearby. Residence of a child with a parent is
totally free and is on full and responsible self-care of parents. We can not give any more time taking care
of your accommodation. If you wish, you can stay at a rest home "Yaropolets" MAI (meals included),
which is located only two bus stops away from us. The duration of stay is 28 days. The scope only of
"auditioned" individual (50 %) and group (50 %) work with the child makes 110 hours. Reason for the
beginning of the program is a partnership agreement in order for stuttering correction.

Mother and Child
It is intended for children who, besides stuttering, have other heavy speech infringements - ataxiophemia,
general underdevelopment of speech (GUS), delay of speech development, delay of mental development,
etc. Parents should keep in mind that stuttering can't be cured without normalized sound pronunciation!
Stammering as defect is provoked by wrong pronunciation, underdevelopment of speech and impaired
mental function. More often, with the elimination of these problems, the expressiveness of the basic
disease - stuttering - decreases gradually. Each parent of the stammering child should pay special
attention to this. In the case of detection of the child’s broken sound pronunciation and/or general
underdevelopment of speech during consultation, the program "Stuttering Plus" can be offered by us. Then
we coordinate with parents the type of stay of the child during correction of sound pronunciation - with
mother or without her. At this type of work the so-called propaedeutic stage of treatment begins. After
passage of such preliminary course by the child, the treatment of stuttering begins in several months.
Thus, the program "Stuttering Plus" consists of two interconnected correctional stages - a correctional
course of sound pronunciation and a course of stammering correction. Frequently, children, who went to a
logopedic kindergarten for many years and were engaged with private logopedics, but couldn't overcome
ataxiophemia or GUS, come to us. The technique applied by us allows to accelerate the essential process
of speech correction (watch VIDEO) and raise its efficiency - we have not seen absolutely hopeless
children yet. Scope of the program is 100 hours of individual lessons. Duration of the correction is 28 days.
Reason for the beginning of the program is a partnership agreement in order for zvukoproiznoshenije

Stuttering Plus
Treatment of stuttering at home
     Many parents often ask the question what to do if a child stutters, and his steady or even outpatient
treatment is impossible. They name different reasons: remoteness from the centers of specialized care,
individual characteristics of the child's development in the family, pregnancy and the need to care for
infants, and so on. Thus, the treatment can not be carried out precisely at the crucial moment, when the
treatment is a timely manner, because the experience of illness is minimal, and the formation of speech is
not finally completed in a pathological state. But how to treat a child who, because of age, barely able to
perceive the corrective process as a natural way to teach him the healing mechanism, capable to
overcome a pathological condition? On the task of early correction of stuttering specialists have been
working for decades. To say, that it has been solved finally, would probably be premature, but the
introduction of "Method of teaching to read without stuttering", built on the basis of the method of logo-
psycho-therapeutic medical phonetic speech reconstruction developed by us allows very close approach
to its solution.

      Treatment of stuttering, among the most important for the disease to combat problems of early
childhood education in a family, there is the educational process, in which speech therapist teaches the
child a correctional procedure capable to break the SPC (sustainable pathological condition), creating a
more powerful therapeutic state. If inculcation and assimilation techniques succeeded, specialist and
parents can expect a compensatory reaction of child's speech function in a functional stabilization and

      Why does treatment of stuttering at home was previously ineffective? Primarily because, and it is
natural, that parents are not experts. Secondly, because a universal correction mechanism did not exist
that can be passed from hand to hand in the form of a tutorial outlining its algorithm. Usually, specialists
were limited to general advices, often of controversial nature, prescribed medicines, advised conducting,
singing or whispered speech, lasting silence, gave similar unexplained scientific recommendations. With
the advent of "Method of teaching to read stammering ones without stuttering" the situation has changed,
since any parent can teach his or her child to read, and if the method of teaching includes medical and
easily digestible mechanism, parents can use the following real remedial work to correct stuttering in their
own child.

      Every child intuitively understands that he can not do without reading, because this process is
inalienable in our modern life, one can not read his favorite book or an interesting title, and he really wants
to grow up and be like those adults who are so serious, studying a newspaper or a magazine. In most
cases, children are willing to learn to read, and some even embracing this science alone, almost without
turning to their parents for help. That's why we believe the introduction of the teaching of reading through,
perhaps, the most effective way to treat stuttering - the "Method of therapeutic rhythmic phonetic speech
reconstruction", is a breakthrough in the early correction of stuttering.

      Teaching a child to read in accordance with the procedure - you train him and yourself the logic and
phonetic reconstruction of medical technology, built on localized algorithm (and inaccessible for reading
with stuttering) phonetic units (See Method of LFRRR). We ask the question of how it is best - to teach
traditionally read by syllables, inevitably get stuttering in writing and reading, or to teach a child to read
without stuttering, while mastering the technique, capable of winning stuttering in normal spontaneous
speech? For us, the answer is obvious.

      Home treatment of stuttering through the teaching of reading is particularly effective in ages from 3.5 to
7 years. That is, until such time as the speech function is not fully formed. Efficiency of the method
remains high at primary school age. However, retraining is always more complicated than initially teaching
in a right way. There is a need to especially emphasize the effectiveness of this technique in the case of
stuttering parent with the lower age limit to start remedial work with a child is unlimited. Learning to read
safe, stuttering adult can create for a child, who is at risk, a more correct and also exemplary therapeutic
speech environment, strengthening the stability and positivity of his or her own speech. This preventive
feature of the technique is the most progressive, as at the moment, except this one, described in
defectology there is no effective preventive forms of work in families with hereditary predisposition.
      If you are late for prevention, the child, having mastered a simple enough science, is wholly exempt
from stuttering at reading. When parents are persistent enough and, with our help, will require the use of
reconstructive forms in ordinary speech by the child, stuttering at an early age is defeated in nine out of
ten cases.

      Today, except for the book outlining the "Method of teaching to read stammering ones without
stuttering", containing seven steps to fully implement the "Method of therapeutic phonetic speech
reconstruction", the partnership includes:
- Three free consultations two hours each and other professional support;
- Video samples of the reference reading of previously stammering children, by which the accuracy of task
execution can be easily checked by stages of their accomplishment.

On the 24th December of 2013 a FORUM support for this program was opened.

      To start cooperation, a consultation must be carried out, since the effectiveness of self-study is solved
individually for each child or parent.

     All the information about our work contains in S. B. Skoblikova's book "STUTTERING: FACE TO
FACE", you can read it on our site free of charge or buy it.

      In the case of on-line directory for parents, a book by S. B. Skoblikova "STUTTERING IN QUESTIONS
AND ANSWERS" is published in open access, where you will find developed answers to a hundred of
generalized questions, concerning diagnostics, preventive maintenance, treatment, social adaptation,
preschool and school training, behaviour and education.

      Correctional family as a direction, the Method of therapeutic phonetic reconstruction of speech and our
educational publishing exist and develop entirely by donations. And if you want to help, you can make a
donation from 5.5 thousand rubles. Make a donation.

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